Holistic Living!


The dewfalled atrocious spring melts legacies, hunting vines in a knotless summer sky’s fingertip, the sun angled in a cello stringed air of autumn with blotched last leaves and from the vantage of a long heartbroken brooding winter, it is sound of seasons and the enduring cycle. Our nature.

She is deep seated in our heart. We are connected with her with sacred biblical code; like the Mother who gives us birth, we are intimately connected with her. So we often forget her presence and take advantage of our enduring intimacy. Yet constantly we long for our enigmatic union with her.

She graciously nourishes us yet mercilessly punishes us. The economic ennoblement provides us the prevailing fairy tale motif of selfish human nature. Yet our goodness is crammed as a baguette in a fortress and masked as forgotten. Without our connection to nature where are our civilizations heading for?

We believe is that nature is our salvation, the smell of a flower, the heart wrenching exquisite of baby feet, and see the eternal beginning of the blue sky. We are the custodian of our forbears’ wisdom and bear the baton for our next generation. Where we can feel safe and conceded the continuity.

Phantom of technology, we are walking on magic tin air and playing polemic remote controls, falling in love with faceless cyberspace, encountering human death without a second thought. We are becoming lonely but we don’t know how we feel because we can not feel. We have exiled ourselves and become a stranger from our essence.

See eye to eye with the world, babies still are dying without a glimpse of the sun and still we see lots of women dying during childbirth. Earth pipe is dried up to provide us enough clean water for the rest of us to drink. Population growth is faster but earth is never thinking about the expansion of her size. The earth might be a big Bang!

So appreciation of beauty and caring for its sustainability is our creed. The celebration of her splendorous yet somber meditative sprit as whole. We connect with her forbidding wisdom; the cycle of time and permanence. We honor her virtuous presence in our living.

So Carillon’s business conduct is connected with nature and promotes holistic living as follows;

•  We are part of nature, it is our philosophy that all our staff own and know.
•  Always looking for efficiency in the usage of resources and recycling
•  Try to connect to our community
•  Take advantage of technology as tools for sustainability
•  Understanding and appreciation of the ecological heritage is part of our staff induction progrgarm
•  Promote improvement and preventive management
•  We aware that all resources are scarce we can not be scoundrels