Our People!

1. Dr Alan L. Walker - Chairman
2. Michael Street - Director
3. Andrew L. Walker - Advisory Board
4. Dr Suzanne Koh - Advisory Board
5. Dr Kate A. Walker - Advisory Board
6. Young Sun Kim-Walker - Chief Executive

Dr Alan L. Walker

Dr Alan L. Walker


Alan Walker has a B.Sc (Hons) in geology and chemistry, a Ph.D. in chemistry and geology, a B.Com in economics and accounting, and a partly completed B.A. in Japanese and Far Eastern History all from the University of Melbourne.

Alan has broad experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the natural resources sector, and new technology. He started as a research scientist with CSIRO in Australia, then worked with BHP Billiton (then BHP) in Melbourne in their exploration department, and subsequently has been involved with a number of resource and technology based ventures.

These have included setting up the mining subsidiary of A V Jennings Industries which was one of the founder shareholders of the Ashton Diamond Venture (now the Argyle Diamond Mine) in Western Australia and also had a key position in Eneabba heavy minerals field in Western Australia, and acting as the chief executive of the Asian and Australian operations of an alternative energy joint venture with McDonnell Douglas Corporation of the United States.

He has worked and been heavily involved in economics and politics internationally, and his network has included contacts at the highest levels in both private and government sectors in North America, the Far East and Australasia.

He is a co-founder of the Amorphous Group Limited the company with a substantial amount of experience in cleantech development and financing.

He is also a founder and continues to be a major shareholder of Featherston Resources Limited (FRL) a New Zealand based company which is currently being prepared for listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The company has ownership of a major mineral resource and based on its unique properties, it has developed a range of slow release soil conditioner products which address the major environmental issues posed by the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and their impact on soil health. As such the company is firmly positioned in the burgeoning international Cleantech investment sector.

He has played a lead role in the initiation of four resource/technology plays of international significance, with ongoing participation in their development, and interaction and negotiation with major multinationals at the highest level.

He has also played a lead role in four successful fund raisings and IPO/back door listings in both Australia and New Zealand which involved the assessment and valuation of resource/technology based projects, fund raising for the IPO/back door listing, and participation in organising the after market.

He regards his investment in FRL as being his fifth resource/technology play of international significance.

He has been following the development of emission trading systems for more than 20 years, and continues to look at the commercial opportunities arising from their progress.

As a strategist, his expertise is in mergers and acquisitions, market positioning, restructuring and joint ventures, and capital raisings for new enterprises.

He has published papers in international technical journals and speaks Japanese. His outside interests include sport, reading and classical music.

He is a passionate Wagnerian.

His reading includes a fascination with understanding Far East and South East Asian history, and the political and economic impact that the growth of these countries will have on Australia and New Zealand.